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//chaotic lodal anthology, may 28 "Quantum - This isn't the best title for this unit, but it makes it seem very mysterious and inscrutable, so I'm going to leave it (r/IAmVerySmart)" "Those of you who said it was interesting -- you're liars. You're just lying, trying to please me so your grade is higher." "I just want you to be aware -- that it is still possible for snake-people to be created." "I hate it, because it doesn't fit with my worldview, and I don't want to change." "Hey. That's a fair point. But I don't want a fair point -- I don't want reasonable reactions." "And why? ... I don't have a good reason. I will just enforce my will on this class." "If you just can't take school today, and just want to go find memes instead, and paste them into the paper, just ... make sure they're good."

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