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Dec. 9, 2014, 9:24 p.m.

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//Klein is discussing a Finnish volleyball coach, whom he invited to a restaurant in thanks for coaching the volleyball team for a day. //When quoting the Finnish coach, Klein lowers his voice until it is very hefty and thick Mr. Klein: "Some of his statements were golden, though. Like when he was talking about inviting me to Finland, 'we'll visit the sauna, then we'll swim in the ice lake' because apparently he has an ice lake in his backyard 'and then we'll go back to the sauna, and back to the ice lake, and...' and I'm just like, 'dude, that'll give me a heart attack! And like, shock!' And he was like 'Hmm, yea. My 12-year-old daughter would probably fare better than you.' And I said, 'so you're saying that I'm as tough as a 12-year-old girl?' And he responded 'No, she's tougher.'"