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Dec. 17, 2015, 2:09 p.m.

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//Latin one class, Caitlin has won a trophy in the most recent Certamen, but hasn’t turned it in Johnson: TURN IN THE TROPHY! I BET YOU HAVE IT SITTING ON THE MANTLE AND YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK NEXT TO IT WHILE YOU SAY HAPPILY “I’M A CHAMPION!” //Sebastien sneezes in the corner of the room Johnson: YOU’RE THE REASON EVERYONE IN THE CLASS IS SICK! IF YOU WOULD ONLY TURN IN THAT TROPHY! ANDREW’S SICK, SEBASTIEN’S SICK, SALOMATU’S SICK, EVERYONE’S SICK! HENRY’S GONNA GET SICK! BRITNEY’S SICK! BRITNEY, ARE YOU SICK??? Britney: I’m not sick. JOHNSON: THEN YOU’RE GONNA GET SICK! [continues to yell at Caitlin for the rest of class]