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Aug. 29, 2012, 7:20 p.m.

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// Stein is explaining Calc Chat to the Mag Analysis 1A class, and decides to try the live calculus chat for the first time. The chat went as follows: Calc Assistant Marie: Welcome to Calc Chat Live Help, Please provide the following: Textbook name, Edition, Chapter, Section, and Exercise you are working on. Please be patient, you will be served in the order that you requested service. Stein: Calculus 4th edition Calc Assistant Marie: What chapter, section, and exercise number? Stein: Chap 5 section 1 problem 78 Calc Assistant Marie: Sorry, we're only allowed to help with odd numbered exercises. Is there a similar odd problem I can help you with? Stein: But my teacher assigns the even problems. Can I pay you for those answers? Calc Assistant Marie: That's why we're not allowed to help with even numbered problems, we don't want to help students cheat on graded assignments. Stein: It's not cheating if I pay you. Calc Assistant Marie: Still cheating. Have a good rest of your day. // Calc Assistant Marie then promptly disconnected...