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April 28, 2010, 11:37 p.m.

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Crystal: And so, they asked me if I wanted to try it, but I said no and went back inside. Alex: Hey, that sounds like my story...only I didn't say no... Jessell: Alex! Anyone else have a story? Samath: I have one. I took my dad's car out for a joyride and started racing someone on the freeway. -CLASS LAUGHING- Jessell: Does this story have a moral? Samath: Yes! So, I crashed it because he tried to cut me off when I was 90. I crashed into the median and called my dad. He took it it to the shop and a week later it was fixed. So I took it out again- Jessell: -But this time! Samath: -But this time I crashed it again- Jessell: Alex, you know what, let's hear your story...