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Jan. 24, 2021, 2:42 p.m.

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[student 1]: man, freshmen sure are great at blairbash [student 2]: yeah all their quotes are more funny because they’re anonymous! [student 1]: and they explain all of the context of the joke in the notes, so that everybody who already got the joke can laugh about it again [student 2]: explaining jokes always makes them funnier and not less funny, especially when everyone already knew what was going on [student 1]: and it's great when they include reactions that don't make it funnier whatsoever [student 2]: lmaooooooooo //EDITOR'S NOTE: keep 'em coming freshmen, i love the references to previous quotes, don't be discouraged by curmudgeony seniors :)

(see this one is funny because actually those things are false) - P.S. freshmen, this was kind of mean but it'll help you enjoy your quotes more later; with love, the seniors

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