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Jan. 25, 2011, 5:35 p.m.

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Pham: Last year, a very smart kid, his name is Charlie, got brand new textbook.   Students: Pasternak? Pham: Oh, he famous now.  You know what happened?  Dog ate half of textbook. He buy another textbook from Amazon, because it cost 115 dollars instead of 150 dollars.  You think I'm kidding, I'm not kidding!

explaining to Block B Chemistry students why it is important to keep textbooks safe.

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Nov. 17, 2009, 4 p.m.

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//Ms. Piper is reviewing a graph in STELLA Piper: So this is the graph of people admitted to the emergency room. Charlie: Shouldn't it be a bunch of points as opposed to a smooth line? I mean, you can't have half a person. Evan: Maybe it's an ER in Cambodia.