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Nov. 15, 2021, 8:25 p.m.

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Rose: Period 8, you guys are so quiet! Maybe if I give you candy, you’ll talk more. // Rose pulls out two paper bags with “night party” printed on them from out of the shelves behind his desk Rose: So I stole all my kids’ candy and sorted it into the good stuff and the stuff I don’t like, then put a small section aside to actually give back to them. // Rose asks the class something and Max answers Rose: Yes! Max, you get a piece of candy. Do you want an almond joy or a ring pop? Max: A ring pop Rose: *hurls ring pop across the room* Hmm, maybe I should just put the bag here on this empty table and have you guys go up and take candy for yourselves instead // later Rose: Aaah, middle table didn’t do their homework! Negative candy for you, middle table! Student: That’s a bit harsh Rose: You think so? Maybe I shouldn’t have said that then. Maybe I’ll take that back. Middle table, maybe you don’t have negative candy, lemme think about that