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May 9, 2024, 8:19 a.m.

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Avika: [Rose] is a walking hyperbola



April 30, 2024, 7:56 p.m.

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Rose, in a Canvas announcement (all in bold): Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies



April 16, 2024, 2:46 p.m.

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Rose: Did you guys know there's no school Monday. It's like a fake day Sai: A faux day Rose: yeah you're gonna have a video assignment Natalie: womp womp Rose: womp womp is right!



April 14, 2024, 12:16 p.m.

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Rose: I used to be considered a mean teacher Rose: Probably the meanest teacher at Blair Rose: And now there's Sahu, there's all these teachers that everyone says are mean.



April 11, 2024, 3:57 p.m.

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Natalie: Just do triangle match! Rose: Yeah sure triangle smash or whatever you said



April 11, 2024, 2:37 p.m.

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Rose: it tastes like energy



April 8, 2024, 7:31 p.m.

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//chaotic rose anthology, april 8 "let's talk about new jersey" "there's this place called new jersey ever heard of it?" "it's the worst place in the world" "um yeah it's really terrible" "I'm from new jersey, that's why I'm such a grumpy person" "maybe one day I will achieve inner peace once I've been away from new jersey for 40 years maybe I'll become a nice person" "I think that's how long it takes" "what does new jersey look like?"

rose recorded this class to give to 9th to watch bc eclipse (suprising that he didn't hold us hostage) // mod note: this is quite unprecedented, especially given that Kirk continued teaching during 9th

world, peace, rose, grumpy, new jersey, terrible, analysis, worst



March 22, 2024, 1:33 p.m.

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Hui: I saw Rose in 346 and he was on Blairbash. Hui: He immediately closed the tab and the next one open was Twitter.



March 17, 2024, 3:47 p.m.

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Rose, at the bottom of the homework on Canvas: Also, next week is going to be a mess. No period 6 on Tuesday. 30-min period 7 on Tuesday. Many other small challenges. Some families starting their spring break a little either. Field trips. Many other things getting in the way of us just learning calculus for 12 hours a day uninterruptedly.



March 15, 2024, 3:03 p.m.

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Rose: i'm gonna get lunch, take a nap, and watch people make fun of me Rose: It's getting more... mean spirited Rose: Kirk is getting older.. and he is getting... Sai: Meaner? Rose: i wouldn't call it meaner, he's less nice...