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Sept. 18, 2010, 3:49 p.m.

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Pham: My first job was at in a bakery and I get on the bus, as soon as I get paycheck guess what I do: I buy motorcycle. I not know in this country you need have license to do it. Cop get out and come say something, but I not speak English so he call translator. They tell me I need have license and I say "okay." And by the way, nowaday when I get pulled over by a cop, I say "no English" and pretend not to speaking it. It not wuhk if you guy doing it, however. [...] One time I was drive in Canada, get pulled over by a cop, I say no English and he start speak the French, I have say no French either! Then he look at license, calling police station and pull someone speak Viet and give me ticket. [...] I have a clean driving record for the past thirty year. (knocks on countertop) Contreras: That's plastic. Pham: There no wood.