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Oct. 18, 2014, 10:20 p.m.

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//pd. 3 Pre-Calc C; there was a total lunar eclipse on October 8, 2014 Rose: Oh yeah, so there was supposed to be a really cool lunar eclipse thing last night slash this morning. Did anyone actually get up and see it? Nick Healey: Oh yeah, I did. It was pretty cool. Rose: Oh yeah? Did you take a picture? Nick: No... Rose: What? That's useless then. Did anyone else see it but actually take a picture? Class: * general murmurs of no * Sydney (seriously): Wait, it was this morning? Ew, I already get up early enough every day, why would I get up extra early just to see something that I can just Google on my phone in like two seconds? That's dumb. Rose: * stares * That is the single saddest thing I have heard all day.