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Jan. 22, 2012, 7:38 p.m.

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//From the butyric acid incident a long time ago that made the entire 3rd floor smell, as Mr. Hammond put it, like "dead feet cheese" //Emmeline, Tatyana, and Audrey are boiling ethanol and butyric acid (smells like vomit) together to make ethyl butanoate (which smells like pineapple). Alcohol+acid=nice smelling ester Emmeline + Tatyana: Wow, that smelled disgusting before. At least the pineapple smells nice after the ethanol was added. Pham: Yeah, it like how ugly girl turn beautiful! Emmeline + Tatyana: By combining them...with alcohol?? //Later, the flask dropped to the floor and the unreacted butyric acid spread and made everything smell almost unbelievably terrible and the scent had absorbed into Emmeline's and Tatyana's clothing Tatyana: Mr. Pham! Are you laughing at my misery?! Pham: Don't you used to it by now? *laughs* //Later.. Tatyana + Emmeline: Mr. Pham! Why did you let us do the experiment with butyric acid in the first place, especially since your fume hood is all messy?! Pham: It because they no give me window room. I take revenge every year. //Emmeline's next class made her sit in the very back corner of the classroom with all the windows open. Smell tests were conducted on anyone entering the 3rd floor computer labs. Tatyana ran to her next class, accidentally touching the door of a different room... freshmen crowded around the door, asking "Did something die in there?!" Tatyana: (entering room): Does anyone have a change of clothing? //Student, extremely tall, athletic guy in basketball clothes raises hand Tatyana: Err...anyone else? Eva: Oh! You can have my shirt. But I NEED my pants. //In the end, things worked out fine, although Mr.Hammond and the nostrils of many students will likely fondly remember the day the third floor smelled like sweaty gym socks and moldy cheese.