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Feb. 24, 2022, 1:33 p.m.

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// Talking about Newton's law of Cooling Schwartz: Give me a food that is best served hot. Student: Charcoal! Schwartz: Sure, let's go with charcoal! (whispers) Don't actually eat charcoal. Schwartz: So, when I am making my charcoal snack, I like to bake it at 425 degrees, for about 5 hours. Schwartz: Then, I would like to travel to the surface of the sun, so it doesn't cool down and get unappetizing. Schwartz: Food of champions? Don't eat charcoal Schwartz: Now, give me a food that is best eaten cold. Class: Snow! Schwartz: My favorite way to make snow is to screw up my freezer so it frosts over so I can chip it off the walls of my freezer and I am free to eat it. Schwartz: I like taking my freezer to Norway, that way when I remove the snow, it starts cooling down even more. Schwartz: Because it's Norway and I'm assuming it's colder than freezing. Schwartz: So we can solve global warming by cooking our charcoal on it. Isn't math wonderful? Schwartz: Don't eat charcoal.