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Oct. 2, 2010, 10:02 p.m.

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// Ostrander spontaneously walks into 317 Ostrander: You have a projector and a Promethean Board. Stein: The TV? Ostrander: Yeah, you have like two projectors. Stein: It's a multimedia classroom. Ostrander: If we remove that one, would you be offended? *referring to the pre-Promethean era ceiling-mounted projector* Stein: That one? Yeah, I'll be offended! I need that... *referring to the Promethean projector* Ostrander: ...for... Stein: That's the Promethean... oh, THIS one! *points to the ceiling-mounted projector* // students laugh Stein: I thought you were talking about the Promethean Board and the television. Ostrander: No, no no. Stein: That was there before the Promethean Board. Ostrander: ... that device that no one uses. Stein: Yeah, that can go to 309. Ostrander: Uh... it'll probably go into an English room, but it will go somewhere without a Promethean Board. Stein: But what about 309? That needs it. Ostrander: I know. *students laugh* I don't have any teachers in 309.