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Sept. 21, 2023, 9:34 a.m.

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Schafer: I'm going to teach you all the physics that Mr. Ostrander knows. Schafer: It won't take long. *writes F=ma on the board* Schafer: That's it.



Sept. 12, 2023, 7:55 a.m.

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Ostrander: If you guys keep being late, we're going to turn off the air conditioner.

AC was broken for the past week in 90+ weather




Sept. 8, 2023, 3:16 p.m.

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// College talk Ostrander: Whatever happens to you for the next 4 years, it will be fine. Ostrander: For my brother, that was jail. He turned out fine.



Sept. 8, 2023, 3:14 p.m.

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Ostrander: Now, if you have friends that are really close, that will do this... *Ostrander closes Jacen's computer* Ostrander: ...tell their friends to not be working on other things while I'm talking.



June 14, 2023, 9:45 a.m.

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// Start of class, Schwartz is taking a bloodborne pathogen certification quiz Schwartz: This is an incredibly meaningful achievement. Schwartz: When you see Ostrander, let him know that Mr. Schwartz has completed the [quiz]! // Schwartz shows certificates from previous years Schwartz: In 2017, they made the certificate fit the page better, which is befitting of my accomplishment!



May 31, 2023, 3:06 p.m.

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Ostrander: That means everyone in this room is breathing in my armpit molecules

ostrander was standing near the air purifier and commenting how the wind felt nice on his armpits.

kirk, ostrander



May 31, 2023, 3 p.m.

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Ostrander *whispering to Sahu*: So you make all this shit up and [inaudible]

teacher cursing in class!?!?!? //mod note: Ostrander's not a teacher

kirk, ostrander, sahu



May 18, 2023, 12:12 p.m.

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Ostrander: Mr. Foster I have a question. Ostrander: Hypothetically, could I pay you $100 to fail a student? *Foster starts contemplating* Ostrander: What if it was Bradley Guo?



April 20, 2023, 8:21 a.m.

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Ostrander: Magnet students study a lot about waves, but they still don't know how to say hi to you in the morning. Schafer: That's because I control the gradebook and they're scared of me.



Dec. 7, 2022, 11:10 a.m.

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"I wish they would just let me hit a kid once. You know, just once at the beginning of the semester, and then everybody would listen." - Mr. Ostrander