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Dec. 18, 2017, 10:09 a.m.

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//pd 4 pchem Pham: Don’t tell Rose or Stein. Fucheng: They’d roast me before they roast you anyway, why would I? Pham: They can’t rost me.



Oct. 4, 2016, 10:23 a.m.

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// Duval is talking about an assignment Luke: (Interrupting, waving arms wildly) WHO ROBBED ME?! Duval: Could you elaborate on this thievery? Luke: I had some money and a debit card in my phone case and it's gone. Fucheng: Look, it's right there on the ground. Haydn: (Waving arms around and imitating the Luke voice) THE GROUND ROBBED HIM!!! Duval: Good thing Detective Fucheng was on the case.