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Oct. 27, 2014, 10:38 a.m.

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//Watching a video about ancient India Mogge: There are a lot of Indian people in this video! *Chuckle* Good thing we like Indian people.



Feb. 9, 2012, 10:23 p.m.

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Richard: You Indian cannot write down on paper. Ashu: Yeah, but we have the stone tab-leat! Yeah, but we are able to write on stone tablet! We so stroung! Richard: You Indians cannot write in stone tablet. Ashu: Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah baout...! No, way make a zero fust, and then the Arabs come from it. No, we have the i-de-ah! No, we decide to share with them because we think they the too dumb. Ashu: So-wah, we also have the greatest diamond in the wold, the Hope Diamond, we found that in the India. And that's what it's culled. Does the China have damond? John: Ashu, the biggest diamond in the world, cost eleven million dollar, is fifty-five thousand karats, is literally thees beeg. Yah thees beeg. Richard: How much money it cost? John: About eleven million. Richard: Doesn't it cost more? John: Noh...nahh, it not the highest quality diamond, like the Hohp Diamond, which the British were even able to steal from India because India don't have Great Wall of India! Ashu: Baauhtt, they do that because they have the guns, and we don't have the guns. And they say, China, we are taken over by the Indians. Richard: Oh oh oh, China never taken over by the Indians. John: China only give away Hong Kong. India give away entire sub-continent because they love the British! //Some time later Brian: 35-down is 'Eurasian'. Richard: No, he not Asian, we're Asian! Ashu: No, we not Asian! What the hell you talk? John: India so weak that they couldn't do anything. Gandhi couldn't even use guns to fight back! Schafer: Stop talking! Ashu: I no talking anymoh because Mr. Schiafer say no talkang. And China and India is a equwol. No, ah always say they da equwol. John: I use my bamboo guns. Ashu: We not talking about the puz-hol. And Mr. Schafer want us to talk about the puz-hol. And Ms. Dvorsky only want us to talk about the computer science o-kawy.