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Dec. 10, 2014, 5:14 p.m.

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Schafer: I really love watching golf Student: Yeah, it's really interesting if you watch it carefully. Schafer: No, it's because I get the best naps. There's this beautiful scenery, it's so tranquil and quiet, I'm laid back watching and then suddenly *snore*



Jan. 4, 2012, 9:44 p.m.

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//Mr Rose is visiting Mr. Stein's Class Stein: Alright, so today we are going to learn the last physics application of calculus I'm going teach you, go over the worksheet, and if we work fast we can have nap time like my morning class did. Billings: Mr. Rose doesn't understand that concept. Stein: What, naps? Billings: No. Time.



March 10, 2010, 6:21 p.m.

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//A story from Dr. Simel... So, you know, a long time ago, I used to like to catch a few Zs before my classes. So I had my pillow, and my blanket, and there was this conference room next to my office. I told the secretary to wake me up in 15 minutes, when my class started, and I lay down under the conference table. Later, I woke up, and saw that I had been drooling. Like, reeeeaally drooling. And I looked at my watch, and noticed I was 10 minutes late for class. And then I noticed there were a bunch of legs all around me, and realized they were having a meeting, and they didn't know I was under here. So I was thinking, "Oh my god, what do I do, I can't just skip class," and so I crawled out from under the table - and I was about 30, y'know - and all the people just stared at me. And when I got out of the room, about 3 seconds later, I heard them all start to crack up. Then, a few years later, whenever someone looked at me and started to laugh, I knew that person had been one of the people in the room. Isn't that great?

This all resulting from someone wanting to start a Nap Club...

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