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Feb. 7, 2024, 9:17 a.m.

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// Analysis 1A discussing why we care about proving limits Rose: And therefore, you have to settle your disagreement through... Kirk: Violence?



Feb. 10, 2022, 10:48 a.m.

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Schwartz: when you have a mutant seahorse in the water breeze, its hair blows back behind its head



Feb. 10, 2022, 10:46 a.m.

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Schwartz: now our balls are 2-dimensional objects instead of 1-dimensional objects



Feb. 7, 2017, 8:16 p.m.

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//6th Period Analysis 1A, talking about limits Rose: So if I'm on a stage claiming the limit for this parabola, and someone in the crowd challenges me with an epsilon of 100, what do I say? Mindy: Fuck you.



Jan. 23, 2015, 8:42 p.m.

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//Analysis 1A, talking about when the limit does not exist Rose: So even though "DNE" is the formal answer, you should put infinity or negative infinity, because it gives more information. It's like when you know that you left your sandwich in the glove compartment, but you tell someone that you left in on the glove compartment or the trunk. It's just not helpful.



Oct. 20, 2014, 9:10 p.m.

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//Pd 1 Analysis 1B //Discussing limit as x--> infinity of e^x/x and e^x/(x^3), both of which are infinity Stein: Little x is on the side going "go get him!" but x^3 loses anyways. So, then little x and his brother x^3 go running home and who do they get? Class: ... Stein: Come on, guys who do they get? Someone: *indistinct* Stein: NO, NOT A GUN.



Nov. 14, 2012, 7:57 p.m.

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//Lecture about limits Rose: So class, where have we seen limits before? Barbara: Mean Girls.



Feb. 3, 2012, 5:22 p.m.

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// Talking about limits Mr. Rose: Are you guys feeling this math? Some Girl: Nah. I'm not feeling it at all. Some Guy: Don't worry. I will feel you up on behalf of math. Math will be jealous at the curves I am applying Squeeze Theorem.

Period 3 - Mr. Rose - Magnet Analysis 1A

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